Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maryland Defense Force Supports funeral of Governor William Donald Schaefer

By CPT(MD) Stephen Rice
Maryland Defense Force Public Affairs
27 April 2011

Elements of the Maryland Defense Force participated in the funeral services for former Governor William Donald Schaefer. On Monday April 25, 2011 the Maryland Defense Force Commander, Brig. Gen. (MD) Courtney Wilson served as the escort for the William Donald Schaefer “Farewell Tour” through Baltimore City. Greeting the casket where it lay in state in Annapolis, Gen. Wilson accompanied dignitaries in the motorcade to Baltimore visiting many of the former Governor’s favorite spots eventually ending at City Hall where his body lay in state for 24 hours.

On Wednesday April 27, 2011 The Maryland Defense Force Cavalry Troop A provided a riderless horse detail which was led by Cpl. Thomas Kiefer and escorted by Troop A commander Capt. Cindy Minken. This detail marched in the funeral procession from Baltimore City Hall to Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Supporting the riderless horse detail was Master Sgt. Steven Wojciechowski and Sgt. Tallulah Pollard. The horse, “Cozzi’s Magic” was prepped by Mrs. Karen Roop, wife of Capt. David Roop.

A Maryland Defense Force band detail played with the Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums and marched in the funeral procession following the riderless horse. The band detail was led by Chief Warrant Officer Arnold Bundy. Other band members included Maj. John Forberger and Maj. Brett Schaffer.

At Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where the funeral was held the Maryland Defense Force provided fourteen military ushers and escorts under the direction of Capt. Bryan Fischer and Command Sgt. Maj. Ronald Scott. The escort detail helped with access and led scores of dignitaries to their assigned seats. Officers serving as escorts included Col. George Rich, Lt. Col. Amato Mongeluzzo, Lt. Col. Greg Barnhill, Maj. Karl Katterjohn, Capt. Michael Behringer and Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Insley. Enlisted personnel serving as escorts included 1st Sgt. William Finch, Master Sgt. Matthew Shertzer, Master Sgt. Steven Wojciechowski, Master Sgt. Gary Miconi, Staff Sgt. Brandt Eppler and Sgt. Tallulah Pollard

After the funeral service the Maryland Defense Force riderless horse detail participated in Governor Schaefer’s final procession. The detail followed Governor Schaefer’s hearse from the Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens cemetery front gate to his interment site. Capt. Fischer remarked that he was “honored to participate in the final tribute to a true Maryland legend.”

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