Thursday, September 1, 2016

MDDF Supports Critical Mission of MDNG 70th Regiment

By MAJ (MDDF) Stephen Rice
Maryland Defense Force Public Affairs
1 September 2016

The Maryland Army National Guard’s (MDARNG) 70th Regiment is a regional training institute for the military. Their stated mission is to “provide a professional learning environment, quality instruction and training support for all military members.” Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood area, the 70th Regiment manages the MDARNG’s Officer Candidate School, Warrant Officer Candidate School and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) schools. The 70th Regiment provides essential leadership training for the Maryland Military Department.

For the past six years, the Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) has provided essential support to help the 70th Regiment succeed in its important mission. The MDDF 70th Detachment (and later the MDDF Task Force 70th) has provided volunteer personnel officers, operations officers, supply officers and communications officers to augment the 70th Regiment’s activities. The MDDF has also provided the 70th Regiment with chaplains, safety officers and public affairs officers to supplement their ranks.

While providing general administrative support, MDDF personnel officers have processed important paperwork for each of the 70th Regiment’s training academies. MDDF operations officers assisted in drafting operational orders and mission planning activities. Meanwhile, MDDF supply officers have handled logistics for various 70th Regiment training phases, written standard operating procedures and assisted in unit accreditation.

MDDF communications officers have ensured the timely flow of information and MDDF chaplains have provided counseling and support for the 70th Regiment. Public affairs officers from the MDDF have assisted in documenting the training missions and providing appropriate media coverage. Currently, Staff Sgt. (MDDF) Matthew Markle is providing continued MDDF staff support to the 70th Regiment as the assistant training non-commissioned officer.

Command Chief Warrant Officer (MDDF) Thomas Insley has the distinction of having served the longest with the MDDF 70th Detachment. He commented, “Our integration into the 70th Regiment has helped them to fill billets and complete their mission, while also giving the MDDF insight into MDNG operations.” “This will make it even more seamless when we need to fill in and support their efforts during an emergency.” He continued, “This is a win-win for the Maryland Military Department and we are happy to do our part.”

The Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) is the State’s uniformed volunteer military unit providing professional and technical assistance to the Maryland Military Department. Established in 1917, the MDDF consists of nearly 250 personnel who perform legal, engineering, finance, medical, chaplain, field support and ceremonial services for the State of Maryland. For more information: